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As I was sitting and editing these images this one spoke to me the most. 066.jpg

In light of what has happened here in Virginia this past week it amazes me of what can go on inside one person’s mind. When I was growing up I would leave the house in the morning and come home when I heard my mom calling me for dinner. What has happened to those day’s of innocents? I just wanted to shout out a “thinking of you all” to the people who’s lives have changed since April 23, 2007.



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Im heading up to Boston for the rest of the week to attend PhotoShop World! While Im in Bean Town I will be meeting up with some of my fellow PWeeeePs, HOOT! So come back next week for an update!

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A 2 Session Weekend!

My first session was a Maternity for Casey. She is expecting her 2nd little girl and wanted something with her and her #1. Here are just a few of my faves. Thanks Casey!



Then it was on to an engagment session with Deborah & Brian my May 5th Wedding! What a fun couple! I like to go to places around town that mean something to my couples. Well Deborah and Brian met at The Canall Club.com a local bar here in Richmond. Well just so happend that the door was open and we went in a took a few shots, whoops I mean images. Then we walked around town. Here are a few of my faves. Can’t wait until May 5th guys we are going to have so much fun!




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