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Day two (January 19th) started off with meeting up with an old friend and co-worker Audrey. She moved out to San Francisco about 3 years ago and I still owed her for referring a wedding to me. So met at Washington Square Park just down the hill from where my sister lives. It was so great to see her and her most adorable little girls! Gabriella and Nina, oh and I can’t forget about Frozen, were so much fun. At first they were like “who is this lady with the camera Mommy?” By the end I was giving Gabriella a piggy back to the Victory Bakery in China Town, were we were all treated to some delicious cookies and water. After that my sister and I head back to her place because I so needed a nap. Enjoy your pictures Audrey and next time your on the right coast (east) give me a call so we can do it again. 

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Fielding at 6 months!

Another satisfied and returning client Fielding! Now she is 6 months and has the cutest smile ever! Thanks for a great afternoon of fun – see you months! To view and order prints click here.


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I headed out to San Fran on January 17th for the last #2 sister visit. (I have a #1  sister and a  #2 sister) #2 ventured out to San Francisco in May of 2003 to attend the California Culinary Academy to become a pastry chef. While she was in Culinary school Hunter and I went out for a visit. Click here to view all those images.

After 41/2 years #2 has decided to take another leap of faith and head back home with the wonderful goal (and business plan) to open her own pastry shop here in Richmond. YEAH!!!!

Ok so like I said I headed out to San Francisco on January 17th leaving Richmond at 5pm with a 35 minute layover in Bean Town (aka Boston) where I picked Hunter up a Patriots t-shirt knowing that he will be wearing it on super bowl Sunday. Landed in Oakland at 10:35 to walk down to the main area and see my #2 sisters big smile. We headed into North Beach for a good nights sleep.

Friday morning we headed out the door on a quest for #2 to show me all the cool pastry shops around town that have inspired her as to what kind she wants to open in Richmond. I saw these on the way down the street –  How cool!


 Ok 1st stop I Dream of Cake in North Beach. They had the most amazing wedding, birthday and just plane ol’ party cakes. (No pictures allowed) The window displays were so cute. Then we hopped on two busses and headed to stop #2, Citizen Cakes and stocked up on a box of goodies. I think I have had the best German Chocolate Chip Cookie ever.


We found ourselves a bench in the sun and ate away then over a few blocks we hit shop #3 Miette. OMG! Both #2 and I are so in love with this shop. This little shop has given #2 the inspiration on how she would love her shop to look and feel like. Ok I lie, it has also inspired me as to what colors I’m using on my new web site to depute in February. :O) While at Miette we chatted it up with Kelly the manager with whom #2 sister use to work with. Of course she let me take tons of pictures. Here are just a few…


After that wonderful fun of deliciousness we headed to this cute little antique shop in Noe Valley that Kelly suggested we go to. After that we walked all around and just could not get over how adorable this area of San Francisco was. We came upon Noe Valley Bakery and indulged our selves in a blood orange tart. Again – OMG!! I told #2 sister that she MUST make these.


 Then we were off to Recchiuti. This is were #2 worked for about a year and ½. I got to met her chocolate family. I got to see some of what they are offering for Valentines Day! YUMMY!!


So we headed back to the apartment with a walk through China Town and as sisters we have always done the hold the camera up and take a picture. So here we are…


To view the rest of day 1 pictures click here!

 Day two coming soon! 

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The Lippa Family

I love this family! I feel like Im their long lost daughter. I have been going to 301 Auto since they opened their doors in the 90’s. When the Lippa family took over I knew nothing was going to change and the service has only gotten better. So if you ever need your car repaired you have got to check out this wonderful family owned business.

Speaking of family here they are…

Momma and her baby!

Daddy and his girls!

I just love the chaos of a family session!

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Toni + Eric’s Wedding

 Toni + Eric called me about a week before their wedding realizing they really needed a professional photographer to shoot their wedding. I was so happy that I was open and so happy with how small and meaningful their day turned out to be. It’s actually amazing that I got some shots of Toni not crying. LOL  Hope you enjoyed your Safari adventure at Disney World.  
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Wonderful location brought you by Ambergrove Inn Bed & Breakfast

Cake by Kalico Kitchen

Music by the great Eric Cunningham of Choice Entertainment  

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