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So back in June I 2nd shot with my good buddy and photographer Bob Schnell. I helped him out with Janet + John’s wedding. I find 2nd shooting to be tons of fun. This give me the opportunity to try new things knowing I won’t miss the “it” shots cuz that was Bob’s job. I got to spend more time with the groom and his guys and most of all I got to shoot most of the detail. Which you guys know about me I LOVE this part of a wedding. Here is some of my faves that Janet and John got from me. Thanks Bob! 

Here is Bob working his magic. 


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 I got a surprise from Pro Flowers yesterday. As I was opening the box I was thinking “awe my sweet husband sent me flowers.”  Wrong, they were from Dana & Andrew! WOW!! And on the same day I got a card from her Mom and Sister thanking me with a gift card to Olive Garden. WOW AGAIN!!! It’s go great to be loved! 

And with all this love from all my clients and the post man, I got my new marketing material! 

Then this morning I get this awesome email from another one of my fans.

Hey Paige,
So, I thought you’d get a kick out of this – I was watching Sesame Street with my son this morning and there was this family of bugs that kept trying to take their own family picture.  But every time the dad went to take the picture, he realized he wasn’t in it.  Silly, I know, but it was Sesame Street afterall.  Anyway, the mom kept on saying things like “Oh my shutter speeds”!  and “Oh my lens caps”!  instead of using the appropriate foul language that I prefer.  I admit, made me laugh.  So, next time your husband is mad at you, use one of those and see if it makes him laugh.  Oh, the joys of being a photographer!


Thank You and I love you all!!!

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Doug and I have know each other for… Well lets say since I photographed his sisters wedding back in the day of film. I was so excited when he called and said he was getting married to the woman of his dreams. In comes Tammy. The most out going, friendly, knows what she wants kinda gal. LOVE HER! She is also a big time blog reader of all those wedding blogs & other photographers out there. Hey girls, take a look. You can get sooooooo many ideas. So with out further ado… Tammy and Doug! 


They were telling me about their invitations and guess what they sent me one & an invite to Tammy’s bridal shower. It is so them and I love it! 


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is all boy! I met up with Cameron and his Mommy down on the James River.  All he wanted to do was run around, climb in the trees, walk on the rocks, throw rock into the river and get into the river himself. I think his mom was worried I wasn’t going to get any of him smiling or even looking at the camera. So what do you think, did I do it?

I think I did pretty good! So if you know Cameron’s mommy’s name click here to see the rest his session. (hint all lower case)

Thank you Cameron for a fun Sunday afternoon on the James!

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Smith! When Smith’s mommy emailed me and asked if I would be interested in photographing his 1st birthday party I jumped up and down and said heck yeah, then I calmly sat down and typed her back saying I would love to. Who’d a-thunk shooting a 1 year olds birthday party could be so much fun? ME!!! So I have added birthday party’s to my repertoire (aka – price list)

Here are some of my faves…

some great details! 



OMGoodness – the cake was the best part! 

Thank you for a great afternoon! 

To view the rest and if you know Smith’s last name you can check them out here

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Baby Lewis

Welcome to the world little guy! You have a great big sister, mommy and daddy. Im excited to watch you grow.

And of course I couldn’t go with out taking some shot of big sister. 

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I want to share with you the other loves of my life. My family. We had a great 4th of July chill’en in the AC, headed to Five Guys for an all american dinner of burgers & fries, then off to find a spot near The Diamond and wait for the Richmond Braves Game to end & for the Fire Works to begin. Hope all you out there had a great day with your family and friends.

dear son #1


dear son #2

My husband no longer smiles for the camera anymore. At least your not seeing that finger thing he does to me. LOL

play’en a little ball with a nurff ball and Diet Dr. Pepper Bottle as the bat while we wait. 

It’s good to know the Richmond PD. We got ourselves a great spot and got to hang with other officers and their families. 


#2 wanted nothing to do with the motorcycle. Yes I like to take shots of my kids as they are being tortured. JUST KIDDING!! 

A little fun with the fish eye.

The two big kids on top of the SUV. 

two of my faves of the works.

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