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V is in her last year at VCU and is ready to take on the world. She also loves photography and the art of it. I found V and her willingness to have some fun a breath of fresh air. At first my whole idea was a “trash the dress” session,  well we kinda did it but I feel this became more of a fun fashion session. We ventured into the unknowns of Richmond and the only thing that got hurt was a poor bum’s feelings when he wanted to be in a picture with V and she politely turned him down. This session gave me such a great feeling of love for my craft and creativity. See you don’t have to be a couple, have kids, be in high school to have a lifestyle session. Thanks for a great time Veronica and a big shout out to Dayna of Vamps and Vixens : Makeup Studio here in Richmond for doing V’s makeup and hair. Girls you so rock!


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I just love it when my clients are willing to do anything fun to make some great memories of and for themselves. We started off in Jeannie and Michael’s awesome home. I just loved the blue in their bed room and when I saw the DREAM on the wall I knew we had to use it. Then we ventured out side for an evening romp in a field. Boy am I glad we didn’t see any snakes.

Good luck these last two months, see you when the little bugger is born. 

Of course to see more click here. (password hint – the date of our session ex. january01)

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When I graduated from college and started out in this crazy world of photography I was a freelance assistant for a number of Richmond based commercial photographers. I owe them all so much for helping me learn more about my craft that college didn’t teach me. Nothing like on the job training!

The Hood family really took me in. Jon Hood opened his studio to me and let me embrace everything he had to offer. Jon and Margaret have watched me get married, have my own family and have seen my own photography grow over the years. Well you know how time just gets away? Well Jon and I put our feet down and scheduled a family dinner. It was so awesome to see his kids (whom by the way I use to baby sit) and for them to meet my little punks in person instead of seeing them on my holiday cards every year. Thank you Hoods for a great dinner – you are truly amazing people!

Of course Jon and I had some photo geek’ness going on. Hum kinda looks like your logo Jon.  

The beautiful and wonderful Margaret. 

The oh so handsome Jonathan!

and the oh so adorable Madeline! 

I love you all!

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Last week I had fun playing with these two little QT’s Noah & Nadia. I loved how they interacted with each other and their Mom and Dad. What a great family! We started off at Lewis Ginter, phew that was a hot one. So hot we decided to go around the corner from the gardens and found this fun blue-green wall. Now “these” are some of my favorite images.   

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This little QT is the “daughter” to my good friend and co-worker Christine. Like I have said before the best gift that I can give to my friends is a photo session. Im so excited that I get to watch her grow. Thanks for the fun!

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The Holton Family!

I could so write a book about this wonderful family, but Christy has already done so with her blog life since harlie. See Harlie was born with many birth defects. This little girl has touched so many lives, even mine! So now Christy and Tom are getting ready to add #3 to the family and Harlie will be 2 in about a month so to celebrate we had a little photo session. Here are some of my favorites. 

I know this has to be one of Christy’s favorites. It’s one of mine, she is the sweetest. 


Murphy joined us for a couple of shots and then he was over me and my camera. Instead he became my helper. He got Harlie to smile and look at me by dancing around and making funny faces. Thanks buddy!

Christy has the best sense of humor, I so admire her. As we were shooting of course we were talking each others ears off and she was like “can you believe Im having another child…”

I just love going into a returning clients home to find the images I have taken hanging on the walls. This is Harlie first birthday session. 

See you soon and I can’t wait to meet #3!

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