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The Hayes Family

Wow, what a family! Their oldest daughter Alex is a special needs child and it was so awesome to see how her and her brother Zack interacted and how much Alex loves him. In the short time I was in their home I was humbled to see what Donna & Aaron have to do for Alex and how much they have it down to a science. The love that Donna and Aaron have for their kids is amazing. They are amazing. So I have a ton of shots that I loved and I tell you when I was editing them I started crying just seeing how I was able to have captured such a wonderful family. 


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Nothing like sisters! These 3 ladies are awesome and their husbands and kids – fun! I love sisters, cuz I myself have 2 of them. It was so much fun to see how they interacted with each other, each one’s husbands and of course the nephews. So here are my faves. 

First the sisters!

The Cute Husbands! 

The whole crew! 

The #1 Sister & her family.

The #2 Sister & her hubby.

The #3 Sister & her hubby.

And the cute son’s and nephews. 

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There is nothing like a red head with green eyes. Im sure Justin feels the same way. Amanda + Justin are high school & college sweet hearts. Boy am I gonna cry at this wedding. 

We headed down to the bridge that gets you across to Browns/Bell Island & hung out at the Tredegar to grab us some great shots! Now this wedding is not until next year, see if you can figure it out with one of the shots we got. Enjoy! 

There was a wedding at the Tredegar the night before so Amanda and Justin decided to do a practice dance. Come to find out they might need some dance lessons. LOL

for some reason these next few make me feel like we were in Ireland! 

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Annie’s sneak peak…

Ok Im so excited about Annie and Matt’s wedding at the end of the month. Annie called me and said “I love my wedding dress so much that I could wear it every day and want to have a bridal session”. Well we did just that. It was such a “magical morning” as her mom kept saying while we were shooting. Both of them were right! Annie’s dress is gorgeous and the morning was magical. So I have to post 1 image of Annie that shows how beautiful she is but with out showing her dress just yet – solution – her vail rocks! I can’t wait to play more with it on her wedding day. See you soon. 

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Meet Stephen

Stephen is a local actor here in Richmond and he is a Notary Public serving the Commonwealth of Virginia. Well he’s got himself a new web site coming out and needed some head shots. So we met up in the financial district of the city for a life style session and here are a few of what we got. So if you are ever in the market for a Notary Public, Stephen is your man!  

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