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There is nothing like photographing on a nice warm fall morning. The sun light is gorgeous and love was in the air. Thanks for a wonderful time and some great images! See you in April. 

We just could not resist!

Off to a new location and costume change.


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Hansen Family

Circle of friends are wonderful. The Hansen’s, The Holton’s & The Lewis’ are my best circle of friends when it comes to photography. 

The Hansen’s just celebrated an anniversary and the Mister gave the Misses a family session. Wow, what a great gift! It was a cold and blustery day so the next best thing to do is head inside the house and have some fun. I have a ton of favorites so enjoy! Thanks.

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So back in August I posted  Jeannie + Michael’s maternity session. Well guess what they had a boy and I tell you what he is the cutest thing ever! We started off great and then he go too fussy and was so over me so I went back a few day’s later and we finished up with some more cute stuff. See how much better it is to have your photographer work with you like that?!  So forget about all those other place people!

Ok back to Aiden –  I will let these images speak for themselves. Enjoy!  


So after this shot we knew he wanted no more of the camera. LOL 

One day Aiden will be hanging with his daddy in an Ironman competition.   

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It was so great to see these cousins pal around and enjoy having their pictures taken. I just had to share with you some of the nice picture frame shots and then of course kids being kids shots, they had to show me their silly side. I had a great time kids, thanks!

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First let me start off by intoducing Donna Campbell Allen, a Richmond VA based Water Color Artist. You can check out her work here. Donna and I have been working together for about 5 years and she has produced close to 10 Water Colors from photographs that I have taken for her. When Donna is commissioned by a client to do a water color Donna calls on me to photograph them. That way she gets a nice, clean & artistic photograph to work from. I tell you what, it is the coolest thing ever to see my work become her work of art. The first time I saw a water color up close that she had done from a photograph that I took, I cried. It is such a great honor to have a beautiful and talented artist such as Donna as my friend.  

So here is where Mary comes into play. I photographed her brother about 3 years ago and now Mary is at the age her brother was when Donna and I worked our artistic magic. Here is some of my faves from our session. 

Here is Mary’s brothers water color portrait. Unfortunately the reflections form the windows caused a problem for me but you can at least see him. 

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The Moore Family

Talk about chaos! It was amazing to see this Mom and Dad wrangle their three little ones. I think we all needed a drink after this session, but awesome enough we managed to get some great & fun shots. Enjoy! 

This has got to be the one of the best out takes! 

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Halloween 2008!

I know I have not shown much of my little punks but I had to share with you my Bat Man and Robin! 

My Husbands wonderful creation –  hot dog mummies! 

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