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There is nothing like photographing on a nice warm fall morning. The sun light is gorgeous and love was in the air. Thanks for a wonderful time and some great images! See you in April. 

We just could not resist!

Off to a new location and costume change.


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 I got a surprise from Pro Flowers yesterday. As I was opening the box I was thinking “awe my sweet husband sent me flowers.”  Wrong, they were from Dana & Andrew! WOW!! And on the same day I got a card from her Mom and Sister thanking me with a gift card to Olive Garden. WOW AGAIN!!! It’s go great to be loved! 

And with all this love from all my clients and the post man, I got my new marketing material! 

Then this morning I get this awesome email from another one of my fans.

Hey Paige,
So, I thought you’d get a kick out of this – I was watching Sesame Street with my son this morning and there was this family of bugs that kept trying to take their own family picture.  But every time the dad went to take the picture, he realized he wasn’t in it.  Silly, I know, but it was Sesame Street afterall.  Anyway, the mom kept on saying things like “Oh my shutter speeds”!  and “Oh my lens caps”!  instead of using the appropriate foul language that I prefer.  I admit, made me laugh.  So, next time your husband is mad at you, use one of those and see if it makes him laugh.  Oh, the joys of being a photographer!


Thank You and I love you all!!!

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Doug and I have know each other for… Well lets say since I photographed his sisters wedding back in the day of film. I was so excited when he called and said he was getting married to the woman of his dreams. In comes Tammy. The most out going, friendly, knows what she wants kinda gal. LOVE HER! She is also a big time blog reader of all those wedding blogs & other photographers out there. Hey girls, take a look. You can get sooooooo many ideas. So with out further ado… Tammy and Doug! 


They were telling me about their invitations and guess what they sent me one & an invite to Tammy’s bridal shower. It is so them and I love it! 


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I so love it when a session goes just as planned. The weather was great, Lindsey & Edgar where up to having some fun and most important we got some great images! Can’t wait till the wedding you two. 









love. fun.


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I have know these two fun loving and nicest love birds for just about a year. Steve needed some head shots for his new job so Kiki said “who better to do it then Paige!” So when they got here Kiki was all dolled up so I had to get some shots of the both of them. Thanks guys. You are the best & I love you!  To see more of these love birds click here. password hint – Kiki’s last name.








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Im so excited to share that Pictures by Paige has a new site! Thank you to all my 2007 clients for giving me such wonderful work to show off!

Enjoy and let me know what ya think.  

Here is the link again incase you forgot. LOL 

www.picturepaiges.com  I love you all! 

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I was so happy when Robyn’s mom called me and said “Robyn’s getting married and we would love for you to shoot their engagement pictures”. So you ask yourself, “Why not their wedding”? Yeah so was I, but Robyn and Hase are going to have their wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. Who ever they pick to photograph the wedding is sure gonna have loads of fun. You two are awesome and I wish you many years of fun, love and laughter.

To view and order prints click here.
(password hint – Robyn’s lasts name all lower case)


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