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Wedding Wire!

I have been honored to receive the Brides Choice Award 2009 from Wedding Wire

A BIG FAT THANK YOU  to all my brides who have gone onto Wedding Wire and posted such great things about Pictures by Paige. Kisses to you all!!! Now for those of you wonderful ladies that have not done so I would love to hear from you. Wedding Wire Rules! 


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You all might remember that this past spring I had a chance to photograph Miss Southeastern Virginia’s Outstanding Teen, Miranda Harrison. It was a great day and we took tons of pictures, and it has led me to future opportunities. This week I have been asked to be the official photographer for the Miss Piedmont Region Scholarship Program. It is a Miss Virginia local and the director is a good friend of mine. I will be there taking photos of all of the contestants this February. It should be a very fun and busy day, but I really look forward to seeing how creative I can get. The winner from Miss Piedmont Region will get a photo shoot with me and she will compete for Miss Virginia in June 2009! She may even be Miss America one day! The people you meet doing this job!  I can’t post with out a picture, so here is one from Miranda’s session. See how much fun you can have with a crown! 

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 I got a surprise from Pro Flowers yesterday. As I was opening the box I was thinking “awe my sweet husband sent me flowers.”  Wrong, they were from Dana & Andrew! WOW!! And on the same day I got a card from her Mom and Sister thanking me with a gift card to Olive Garden. WOW AGAIN!!! It’s go great to be loved! 

And with all this love from all my clients and the post man, I got my new marketing material! 

Then this morning I get this awesome email from another one of my fans.

Hey Paige,
So, I thought you’d get a kick out of this – I was watching Sesame Street with my son this morning and there was this family of bugs that kept trying to take their own family picture.  But every time the dad went to take the picture, he realized he wasn’t in it.  Silly, I know, but it was Sesame Street afterall.  Anyway, the mom kept on saying things like “Oh my shutter speeds”!  and “Oh my lens caps”!  instead of using the appropriate foul language that I prefer.  I admit, made me laugh.  So, next time your husband is mad at you, use one of those and see if it makes him laugh.  Oh, the joys of being a photographer!


Thank You and I love you all!!!

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Are TU-TU hot! I have been photographing for The Latin Ballet of Virginia for 4 years! I know I can’t believe it myself. They are such great dancers and family to me. I wanted to share some shots from our week long session. Enjoy and keep your eyes open for some cool ads in the future. 

The Company! I love you guys and thank you for a great time and great shots! 


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I had the great pleasure and honor of volunteering my photographic services for the 9th Annual Grief Relief Gala for Comfort Zone Camp (CZC) on Saturday night. Comfort Zone Camp is the nation’s largest nonprofit bereavement camp for children. They have helped guide more than 2600 children through their grief in a fun and safe environment.  Lynn Hughes, you are a woman with the biggest heart I have ever seen.

 As for the Gala, they had a silent auction, which I donated two portrait sessions along with many of our other fabulous Richmond based photographers. Then it was on to dinner and the really big fun auction. Wow! How wonderful and amazing it was to see so many people open their wallets and give to what I believe to be a wonderful and caring cause.

See being a cops wife I have already see the unfortunate heart break of an officer leaving his wife and children behind.  I wish that one day this camp will be able to provide help for his children and for many more children in this country.

 Want to start out by giving my girl Leigh a big thank you for calling me and asking for a donation. Here she is with her husband. 






Here is Lynn, Frank &  Stacy. Frank is a camper who opened his heart to tell us about his Mom. Stacy is Franks big buddy. This is how small this world/town can be. I actually knew Franks Mom. Franks Grandfather (PePa) was my dentist until he retired. My heart goes out to the Woolwine family.


 Time for the Auction!


 I think this little bad boy brought in some big $$$$. YEAH!


 The theme for the night was Picture This – A World Beyond Grief. They had this photo booth, how awesome. And yes me and my trusty 2nd Erika got in and had our pictures made. I will scan them in and post later. 



And here is Kelly (in the middle), Lynn’s wonderful Husband, with some fun loving and giving friends. 




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It’s that time of year, BASEBALL! My 7 year old will be playing for the Glen Allen “Burlington”  Bees. The “Bees” are the minor league team to the Kansas City Royals, which happens to be his coaches favorite team. So a few weeks ago I took some snap of the first day of spring training.

It’s going to be a great season , GO BEES!!!  

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I had a great opportunity to head up to Eastern State Penitentiary  in PA with about a dozen amazing photographers from the VA/DC/Maryland area for a photo shoot. We hooked ourselves up with some models to practice on some new technics, lighting and most importantly have some fun! So out of 200 shots I picked one favorite from each model and let me tell you that was hard. Thanks for a great time and wonderful images. Enjoy! To view the rest sim-unedited images click here.  password – february23






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