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hello my blog followers, have i got some new things coming your way.

to start off with…


check it out


and this is where this blog ends.

so to find out more

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Mothers Day!

Im a day late, but never a dollar short.

My Mom is the best! Thank you for everything you do to help me and my family! 


I love being a mommy, guess cuz I learned from the best! Yesterday was a double whammy for me because it was not just mothers day it was also my birthday! I received the best home made cards from my boys, my sister gave me flavored peanut butter, my parents watched the boys on saturday night so I could have some me time and my husband gave me a GPS and I got lots of love from tons of friends on my facebook! Thank You! 

Happy Mothers Day to all my clients and friends!

love. happiness. mommy.

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My girl Charo had a wedding this past Saturday at Westover Plantation in Charles City. So what a better way to spend a rainy afternoon then to crash shoot her wedding. She hired Bob Decker to 2nd shoot and when she told me that I knew I was so there. I was not the only one who crash shot this wedding.  Allegra joined in on the fun. It was great to meet the both of them. 

Enjoy some (a lot) of my faves from the day. Now bring on a Hindu wedding, I can do it!!

















Thank you so much Charo! I loved working with you and I hope to do it again. Oh and any of you photographers out there that actually read my blog and are ever in the area, you are always welcome to crash shoot one of my weddings. 


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Ok, Ok I know I have been slacking on posting the rest of my trip to San Francisco in January! So here is day two.  


Not the best way to travel around the hilly city?


Im the keeper of the dirt, touch it and die.

Time for our morning Tai Chi





I guess this is the best way to keep something out of the bird house? 



Lets catch some sun while I read a book 


This dude really wants a beer!


Next time your in the Ferry Building stop by and say hi to my new friend Peter! 


A ginger bread cup cake from Miette  





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Something pledged = love.  I had the great honor and pleasure of 2nd shooting an amazing Commitment ceremony in DC with my great friend and wonderful photographer Allison . What is a wedding with out details? Nothing. Im not just talking details like the cake or what your center pieces look like. Im talking the details of love.  







So do you ever wonder what we do when you are eating? Besides shooting the “details” we take pictures of each other. Here is Allison and our 3rd shooter Erl. 


Thanks for a fun “learning” time!

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I know what you’re saying, come on get real I can’t think of that right now. No worries, its easy. Just set up an appointment now for one of my Holiday Packages and you’re all done. The hardest part will be picking the image you want to use. Well that and a card design.

Here is what I’ve got to offer.

package a – $170
session with 25 5×7 cards (lots of special holiday designs to choose from see below for examples)
on line viewing and ordering for 3 months
•wish to purchase 25 more cards – $68.00

package b – $150
session with 1 high resolution image on a cd for you to make your own cards
on line viewing and ordering for 3 months

See how cool and fun these are!!! All cards can be customized and we have a ton more to chose from! So call today!


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Wick Family!

And what a cute little family they are! Thank you for letting me into your home for Ellie’s first (of many) professional photo sessions. Of course I couldn’t leave with out getting a shot of her big brother Coleman.

To view and order prints click here. (password hint – the date of your session)






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